In fondo al suono

“In Fondo Al Suono” – The Deep End of Sound -

Alberto Ferro, piano solo  -  2009

Recorded at  INCD  Studio,  Milano, Italy

1. Valzer (all’) Improvviso  – And Suddenly Waltz   /   2. Caprichosos de La Habana   /   3. Da Lontano  – From Far Away   /   4. Una Lacrima  – A Tear   /   5. Nevrosis   /   6. Con Anima  – With Soul   /   7. La Mente Altrove  – Mind  Somewhere Else   /   8. Vertigini  – Vertigo   /   9. Ritorno (Ballata)  – Coming Back (Ballad)   /   10. Harlem Strut   /   11. Michel   /   12. All’Origine  – In Origin


My creative activity and musical research could be defined as fusion between writing and improvisation, looking for a piano world that virtually connects Bach to Jarrett. My model is rather piano-related than composition-related. I use to choose some original material to work on, new or old jazz musical themes, pop, folk, or even a mixture of them, and I elaborate it through classical, jazz or personal structures. Particularly important for each piece’s life is the live concert, because in every performance their original aspect change, due to variations and inventions suggested by the moment through improvisation. My musical education is Classical, but I have always been deeply involved in the study and understanding of modern, contemporary and ethnic music styles.